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Connecting with the newsroom
‘Srebrenica’, a web comic by Joe Sacco
Follow the money: sea piracy
Deep Web: the newsgame
Norberto Baruch
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Great articles that make the most of the newest digital resources

Idoia Sota

CEO and editor

Her investigative reports have won awards such as the Larra Prize. She has participated in the launch of magazines such as OKS, La Otra Crónica (El Mundo) and S Moda (El País). She’s got journalistic blood vessels, a business brain and the soul of a hacker. If you want to entertain her use a database.

Pedro García Campos

Deputy Editor

He has worked with publishing houses (Aguilar), TV (Antena 3), newspapers (El País) and magazines (Tiempo, The Economist). He grew up dribbling defences while stacking books on the bedside table. Until one day he decided to read them… And so he fell in love with his profession: telling stories.

Maruxa Ruiz del Árbol

Desk editor

Four years ago she landed in London and today she contributes for BBC, El País and Wired among others. She’s addicted to questions and fact checking. That’s why we secretly call her bubble buster. In her contact list you could find more phone numbers than in the NSA switchboard.

Camilo Conte

Graphic Art Editor

In his native Brazil he studied design and in London and Madrid he discovered photography. Specialized in brand development, Camilo fancies graphic concepts that germinate in his incubator. He sometimes dreams about piloting a helicopter. And doesn´t want to wake up.

Javier Díez

Digital Art Editor

Digital layout expert, if he wasn’t a designer he would be sketching in Florence or rehabilitating medieval buildings in France. A seamless man: “Irreverent, loyal, lively, hardworking, endearing, sensible, synergistic, wandering, quixotic and praiseworthy”. Or so he says…

Facundo Arias

Web development

The very first true love of our digital alchemist, video games and “the book with a keyboard” his father gave him when he was a kid, have marked his life. Programmer and web developer since he was 18, storytelling is his passion. Never will he recognize it, but he sometimes whispers to his laptop.

Borja Soler

Video production

The career of the creator of our audiovisual universe can be summed up in one single word: versatility. From cinema to advertising through online contents, Borja is also coproducer of Stockholm, that obtained six awards on the Malaga Film Festival 2013.

Raquel Arano

Video editing

Raquel draws, records, edits and animates it all. She also studied Boilogy and Fine Arts. Her high level experience (TVE, Cuatro, Antena 3 TV…) and her transmedia vocation will be present in our videos and audiovisual contents, which will have her seal.

Narratives that contribute to show every angle of the information

Depth of field investigations

What is Pissed off readers?

Pissed Off Readers is an experiment. The opportunity to follow step-by-step the construction of a digital media called Acuerdo, a journalism lab located between Madrid and London. In this logbook we will share with you each challenge, each dilemma, each conquest and each ibuprofen.

We are born with eyes and ears wide open. One day we got fed up with the pursuit of news through the net and kiosks, turning pages in futility, and we realized we were not alone. That day we decided to create this community.

Back to the topic at hand: We are developing a media able to distil information and offer it to the reader in the most understandable format: visualizations, animated infographics, texts, videos, docuwebs or even, why not, video games. We will not limit ourselves. We look for stories, the ones that matter.

Technology versus ideology

When we built the foundations of Acuerdo, nine months ago at the time of writing, we put several core ideas on the table: we do not want to make more noise; we want to clarify complex realities; we rely on facts and data and go the extra mile to find and check them; we give a voice to the stories left behind by the traditional media and news agenda; do not leave out a single issue just because a lobby requires it; to be transparent about the trains of thought followed in our research and devote more time and space to store so it can be made accessible to all readers.

Ideologies? May they rest in peace! We’ve chosen black as our colour for some reason… Our contributors –which you will be meeting through this blog – are journalists, designers, animators, researches, artists and writers deeply involved with their profession: they do not promote any ideology and approach their reports from personal fascination and a certain obsession with hidden truths, whatever they may be. We seek to investigate, ponder and narrate, and, for once: to do all this hand-in-hand with technology.

We are all ears